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Happier & Healthier Relationships

We want BetterTogether to be so good at helping you have happier & healthier relationships you'd be irresponsible not to use it.

Currently BetterTogether attempts to accomplish this by helping you:

  1. Increase your self-knowledge
  2. Increase your knowledge of your partner
  3. Increase your knowledge of how to have happy & healthy relationships
  4. Put this knowledge to use

Increase Your Self-Knowledge

Knowing yourself avoids all sorts of problems and enables you to guide yourself down happier paths in life. Learn how to deal with unmet expectations and how to develop healthy expectations in life.

Increase Your Knowledge of Your Partner

When you sign up for BetterTogether one of the first things you will encounter are questions about your partner. The answers to these questions will help you learn about your partner; what they like, what they want, and the type of person they are.

The idea is that the more you understand them, the better partner you will be.

Increase Your Knowledge of How to Have Happy & Healthy Relationships

What does it mean to be a better partner? We help you answer this question for yourself. We also help you explore different ways to think about your relationships so that you can be your best self in any particular situation.

Put It To Use

We take knowledge about your relationship, combine it with the knowledge of how to be a better partner, and provide you will tools, advice, recommendations, reminders, and more to make you a "superpartner" 💪⚡️💖.


Does using BetterTogether mean I'm lazy and don't really care about my relationships?
We believe it's the opposite. Would you use BetterTogether if you didn't care about your relationships? Using BetterTogether shows a tremendous amount of love.
I'm not currently in a relationship. Can I use BetterTogether on myself to improve my self-knowledge and help create happy moments in my own life?
Absolutely! How well you know yourself is arguably more important than how well you know others. BetterTogether works quite well for this. In fact, I (Sean) use it this way myself! I have one relationship for myself and another for my partner.


Sean Abrahams

Join 21 others using BetterTogether for happier & healthier relationships.

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